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PAPS–LBC Leadership Award 2011


 | Rules | Nomination | Finalists/Winner


PAPS and Leadership Business Consulting will award a project developed by a PAPS Member in the US, that had a great impact in Science, Entrepreneurship, Business or Economics. This award intends to foster increased awareness of excellence and leadership.

All PAPS Members will be able to nominate distinguished fellow Members, by elaborating a small text describing their reasons for nomination. A Jury (TBA) will evaluate five finalistsand announce the winner at the XIII PAPS Forum in Toronto.

The winner may choose from a $3,500 reward or a two week stay at the Innovative Portugal pavilion in Silicon Valley including accompaniment by the Leadership Business Consulting team in Silicon Valley.


The criteria for evaluating applications, on a personal and project basis, at each step are:

  • The project’s quality and impact on Science, Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics,
  • The project’s innovation,
  • The candidate’s overall potential for further development and impact on Science, Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics or Society,
  • The candidate’s ethics and integrity,
  • The candidate’s leadership skills, as shown during the project,
  • The candidate’s nomination texts.

The Leadership Award 2011 edition will have the following deadlines:

  • Nominations – March 14 to April 1, 2012
  • Nominee Application Submission – April 08, 2012 (the five finalists will be informed after audition of applications)
  • Jury Decision – April 10, 2012 (all five finalists will be informed about the outcome of the decision)
  • Award-Winner Announcement – April 14, at the XIII PAPS Forum in Toronto