The Portuguese-American Post-graduate Society is an independent, non-profit organization, with no political affiliations. Its objectives are to stimulate the development of strong relationships between the Portuguese postgraduate community living in North America and the American society while, simultaneously, promoting their home country. Welcome!
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on Sunday, 27/01/2013 —

One more intense year for you, one more intense year for PAPS. It has been a great adventure for the Executive Committee- one full of challenges but also with some important accomplishments and above all, a lot of excitement and fun.     

Over the past year, PAPS members have organized a number of diverse local events with a tremendous amount of effort. They ranged from nationwide gatherings to follow the Portuguese team during the Euro 2012 football championship, to barbecues in Boston, beach get togethers in LA, dinners in Toronto and New York, and historic tours in the American capital. Networking events also took place in several cities. PAPS teamed up with other Portuguese groups for some of them such as the one in New York with the Portuguese Circle that took place in November; or the one in Boston last December with Portuguese Business Links from the Hult International Business School where RTP filmed for its show “Portugueses Pelo Mundo”. These events are not only a great way for PAPS members to get to know each other, but also for the community to mingle with the local Portuguese-American and Canadian one. Because they help us in our mission of forging stronger internal and external links, we would like to send a special thank you to all chapter leaders across the continent for all the hard work.   

 In December 2012, the Science Career Paths: Diversity Against Adversity event took place in Lisbon. It was jointly organized by PAPS, PARSUK (Portuguese Association of Researchers and Students in the UK) and FIIP (Forum Internacional de Investigadores Portugueses). Over 150 people attended, including the Minister of Education and Science, the Secretary of State in Science and the president of FCT. Following it, PAPS members had a private meeting with Prof. Miguel Seabra and and the Education and Science Ministry team to discuss issues of interest to them. A special thank you goes out to all PAPS members and leaders that helped to organize it. Events such as this one are important because they increase our visibility in Portugal in a productive manner and help the public realize that there is an available resource for anybody interested in working or studying in North America. They also strengthen communication channels with several potential partners and institutions such as the FCT and other Universities and companies. Together, these two outcomes work to enable PAPS to become a more effective ambassador that acts on behalf of Portuguese students.       

We have initiated some changes to the website. Some will impact the organization at a higher level such as online advertising to act as a source of revenue, while others will directly benefit PAPS members. In the works is a new section where you can post your CV’s online for potential employers to view. The ultimate goal is to use the website as a tool for members to benefit from and the organization to use as a marketing and potential source of revenue generation.   

 We are also moving forward with some partnerships such as the one with SATA that will allow PAPS members to fly with up to 20% discounts. Be on the lookout for updates in future newsletter editions. 2013 will be full of challenges that we look forward to undertaking. One of them is answering the complicated question of how PAPS can become a financially sustainable organization that is less dependent on government sources of funding and more accessible to the North American market. Another is the process of creating new partnerships with organization such as banks, insurance companies and immigration offices; and of course the PAPS Forum that will take place in Boston from May 10-12th. We are experimenting with the forum structure this year and introducing multiple workshops that run in parallel and cover topics such as immigration, public speaking, oral presentation skills, local business networking and pharma networking. The theme will be “Marca Portugal”, and how PAPS members can help raise this brand to an international level through the pursuit of their own interests and activities.   

To become involved in these exciting developments, we invite you to join us at a local level through your local chapter as co-leader or secretary; or at national level by contributing to the newsletter or volunteering with the executive committee or forum organizing team.  Follow your dreams, make them happen.All the best wishes in following your dreams, making them happen and having an energetic 2013.



PAPS Executive Committee