The Portuguese-American Post-graduate Society is an independent, non-profit organization, with no political affiliations. Its objectives are to stimulate the development of strong relationships between the Portuguese postgraduate community living in North America and the American society while, simultaneously, promoting their home country. Welcome!
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PAPS Forum - September
on Saturday, 18/06/2016 — Ângela Crespo

Dear PAPS Members,

We would like to inform you that our Annual Forum will be postponed to September 2016.

The Executive Committee decided unanimously that the month of September will offer much better conditions for a successful Forum, which we think will be in the interest of al members.

You will be receiving news soon!

Banner art by Ana Linares www.anahaydeelinares.com

Fórum PAPS 2016 - Abertas as submissões para "Carapaus de Corrida"!
on Friday, 27/05/2016 — Ângela Crespo

PAPS FORUM 2016: "Carapaus de Corrida"!

No contexto do Forum PAPS 2016 (Setembro) convidamos todos os Portugueses a participar neste projeto!

on Sunday, 16/03/2014 —


O XV Fórum da PAPS irá realizar-se em Washington - DC entre os dias 30 de Maio e 1 de Junho de 2014.

Por favor, não deixem de guardar as datas nas vossas agendas e não se esqueçam de reservar os vossos vôos!

Mais informações em breve!


The PAPS Forum 2014 is being held in Washington - DC, between May 30 and June 1.

Please, save the date in your calendars and don't forget to book your flights!

Stay tuned for updates!

The Fourteenth Annual 2013 PAPS Forum
on Friday, 19/07/2013 —

PAPS Forum 2013

During the weekend of May 10th, the Portuguese-American Post-graduate Society hosted its fourteenth annual forum. The theme was Raising Portugal to new heights, and its location was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Tang Center. 

Just over fifty members from PAPS and the Luso-American community attended to learn from an array of speakers and workshop conductors such as the Portuguese ambassador to the United States Nuno Brito, associate professor of finance at Duke University Manuel Adelino, Portuguese Consul General Paulo Cunha Alves and former Portuguese Minister of Education Eduardo Marçal Grilo. The forum ranged over three days and brought together members from at least seven chapters. 

The weekend kicked off with an informal networking session on Friday night follow by dinner at Atasca- a Portuguese restaurant located in the heart of Kendal Square. Saturday was divided into three sessions (the economy, entrepreneurship and science) with four to eight speakers each. 

A number of young entrepreneurs showcased their start-ups during the entrepreneurship session. Amongst them were Joaquim Valente, CEO of sports-focused social network Playnify and Alexandre Oliveira, founder of Storytree- a media start-up focused on the Portuguese-American perspective in politics. Tony Lafuente, a seasoned entrepreneur, spoke about his journey into the flag-making business. He encouraged the audience to consider being a business owner and expressed hope of seeing female entrepreneurs in the next forum. 

In between the second and third session were workshops given by a number of groups and individuals. Among them were Lauren Celano, CEO of the Propel Careers who gave a career coaching session and Ricardo Mesquita of Beta-i, Portugal's first start-up incubator, on starting your own business. Says PAPS member Alexandra Bettencourt of the Ms. Celano's workshop, "[it] was really informative and [gave me] a fresh perspective on my resume and how to market myself". 

On the last day, PAPS members met for the annual General Assembly to review the organization activities and finances of the past year. This was followed by a relaxing tour of Boston's famous Freedom Trail led by Boston Chapter co-leader Ângela Crespo. 

So what can the forum tell us about raising Portugal to new heights? Any discussion on a country's economic potential can not be a serious one without recognizing standing obstacles. Manuel Adelino emphasized the need for nurturing innovation within its borders.

With the rise of higher education in the sciences and engineering, there is no doubt this generation has the tools to drive value-added growth. The question remains whether current government institutions will expand the framework necessary for a thriving economy. 

PAPS, being a nonprofit entity without political affiliations cannot nor will not attempt to answer it. What we can say with confidence, however, is the rich human capital present in our community gives hope for the needed innovation to occur in whatever form it will arrive.

Forum news
on Wednesday, 08/05/2013 —

New Information about PARKING @ MIT for PAPS Forum Event!

Parking is open to the public at weekends at 21 Hayward Street.

http://en.parkopedia.com/ parking/lot/mit_hayward_street_lot/02142/cambridge/

BBQ at Casa do Benfica - Fundraiser for XIV PAPS Forum! DATE CHANGE - May 5th
on Friday, 26/04/2013 —

The Forum is coming up and we need as much funding as we can to put together a great event!

PAPS Boston, in collaboration with Casa do Benfica da Nova Inglaterra, is hosting a Barbecue! There will be great Portuguese grilled meat and Sardinhada! 

 Where: Casa do Benfica da Nova Inglaterra (178 Elm St, Cambridge)

When: Next Sunday, May 5th, at 12:00PM (the date changed from Saturday!)

Price: $10

Part of the profit of this event will be donated as sponsorship for the XIV PAPS Forum.

Come support PAPS, while having a great time and great food!

Hope to see you there!

The XIV PAPS Forum Team