The Portuguese-American Post-graduate Society is an independent, non-profit organization, with no political affiliations. Its objectives are to stimulate the development of strong relationships between the Portuguese postgraduate community living in North America and the American society while, simultaneously, promoting their home country. Welcome!
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Forum PAPS IV - 2003

“Dare to be an Entrepreneur: Venturing Ideas Across the Atlantic”
New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ, US January 30-31

The 4th Forum PAPS aims to raise awareness about entrepreneurship in Portugal, to promote collaborative links to the US, and to identify and discuss opportunities for PAPS members to create or join startups.

Specific objectives include a discussion of the current entrepreneurial trends, of success and failure stories, of the current state of entrepreneurship in Europe and of related opportunities and challenges.

New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ, USA


Entrepreneurship is a key driving force for innovation and growth in most advanced economies. It is a way by which new ideas and technologies are introduced into the marketplace. In times of rapid technological change and increasing global competition, it is essential to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit that ensures continued competitiveness, success, and prosperity.

Portuguese institutions, both public and private, recognize that education and research are key drivers for economic development. At the graduate level, there has been a strong investment in PhD scholarships that allow students to pursue their studies in Portugal and abroad. The US has been one of the main destinations for Portuguese graduate students.

Portugal is today among the countries with a higher growth rate in number of PhDs. However, Portugal has not yet been able to take full advantage of the newly graduated PhDs, who do not always choose to return to the home country. Those who return, often report difficulty in continuing an academic research career. In the business sector the situation is, if anything, even more difficult. The private investment in R&D is very small, and the country's innovation and entrepreneurship culture is lacking.

At PAPS, we believe that students who complete post-graduate degrees and either follow an academic career or pursue a career in business, should play a key role. We believe that these students will be instrumental in revitalizing the educational, social and innovation climates in Portugal. Being successful in these roles is the best way to give back to our country. In this context, the primary goal of the 4th Forum is to raise awareness about entrepreneurship and discuss opportunities to create or join a startup business in Portugal. The Forum is open to PAPS members, Portuguese-Americans, and any other interested parties.