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NEWSFEED: New partnership PAPS with Playnify
on Wednesday, 09/01/2013 —

Playnify - A Portuguese startup that is set to change our sports lives (by Joaquim Valente, CEO)

How many times did you end up staying at home while what you really wanted to do was to go out and play your favorite sports? This happens because we don't know enough people that enjoys playing the same sports as we do or simply because we don't know when and where pickup games are happening. What if there could be an easy way where we could not only play our favorite sports whenever we want and wherever we are and meet new people in the process?

Short description

The portuguese startup Playnify (www.playnify.com) is determined to connect people through sports. Lets put it this way: On Facebook we share our personal lives and meet friends; On Linkedin we share our professional life and find business opportunities; On Playnify we share our sports life and meet sports partners. 


Apart from meeting other people to play sports with, Playnify is also a great way to organize sports events. For those of us that have the initiative of organizing sports events in our community we know that the process is boring, time consuming and expensive. Unorganized forums, costly phone calls and SMS and confusing email threads are just not the right tools to do it. Playnify provides free event management features that make organizing a soccer match in the evening or a basketball match during the weekend simple, easy and stress free.

Playnify has a bunch of easy to use features that can make our sports lives more interesting and efficient. Highlighted features and benefits below:

  • Ability to belong to a sports community making it easier to find other people that share our sport preferences
  • Multiple sports supported: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Squash, Padel, Mountain biking, Cycling and Running (more to come)
  • Find and join pickup games nearby
  • Sport event scheduling features enabling users to save time and money organizing these events
  • Ability to create teams with our friends and to find and challenge other teams
  • Seamless integration with Facebook to potentiate early adoption
  • Mobile apps will be available very soon

PAPS and Playnify

PAPS believes that Playnify can be a useful tool for its community and has therefore established a partnership with this startup. Nelson Neves, PAPS' member living in Boston, is the company's Business Development Manager for the US market and is determined to promote the platform but also raise venture capital for the startup.

Playnify is a Portuguese project addressing a global need so we count on PAPS' community to help promote this platform by signing up, inviting friends to join it and using it to organize sports events.  

Could this be the Sports Network that is missing? www.playnify.com