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João Cruz - PAPS President 2008/2009 - January 2010
on Friday, 15/01/2010 — Rossana Andrea Novo Lopes Henriques

Nome: João Alberto Labrincha Ramalheira Nunes da Cruz
E-mail: jalrnc@gmail.com
Year of Birth: 1970
Place of birth: Lisbon, Portugal
City of residence: Providence, RI
Time in the US: 12 years
Personal webpage/blog: http://www.facebook.com/jalrnc
Undergraduate Degree: Applied Mathematics
Postgraduate Degree: MSc Computer Science, MBA
Current professional status: Entrepreneur / Startup at Bio-Tree Systems, Inc
Professional interests: Startups and Small Businesses, Technology, Biotech.
Best career achievement: The privilege of serving as PAPS President, of course.

What brought you to the USA?
I got a job offer from a software company in the US.

In what are you currently working on?
I'm developing imaging tools to analyze the effects of different drugs in blood vessels of tumors, which can be used as a way to improve patient treatment and to optimize drug development.

What conditions do you have here that you do not have in Portugal?
Access to a team of world class scientists, access to state of the art technology, all combined in a favorable environment for business. It doesn't mean one cannot have that in Portugal too though, and we have many examples of PAPS members that went back and are very successful, it just hasn't worked out for me that way. Besides, Portugal has its unique qualities as well, and I'm not talking about "bicas" and "pasteis de nata" only!

What are your future plans?
Good question... I have no idea, really, I don't :) All big decisions in my life have been unplanned and unexpected, so I just keep my options open I guess.

Why did you join PAPS?
Another good question... it just happened, and I had no idea of what I would find. After pretty much 10 years in the US I had never heard of PAPS. Then this good friend of mine from NYC (Julia, you know who you are!) told me about PAPS and the PAPS Forum there, at Columbia University (2007). Initially I didn't pay much attention to it, but then I finally registered and showed up for the forum, and what a surprise. Such a nice group of people gathering together in a great setting, with quality speakers, and an impressive organization. So I decided to get involved and contribute to it as well.


Favourite source of news from Portugal: RTP Internacional, TSF Radio, Ciência Hoje, Twitter.
Daily life (weekdays): Wake up, work intensively, sleep sometimes... and juggle that with dropping off/picking up girls from school and day care, homework, reading, tickling, giggling, and diaper changing!
Daily life (weekends): Enjoy some quality time with my wife Sónia and daughters Clara, Isabel, and Laura.
Other interests: Golf, tennis, swimming, cycling, running.