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Newsletter - January 2012
on Friday, 17/02/2012 — Ricardo Vidal

Dear PAPS Newsletter subscriber,

It has been a very busy start to the new year. The PAPS Executive Committee is actively working in preparation for the upcoming XIII PAPS Forum, which will be taking place at the University of Toronto, in Toronto, Canada on the 14th and 15th of April.

While we finish up work closing the program, preparing the website and the other multitude of tasks related to the Forum, we fell a bit behind track with the newsletter schedule. However, here is our January 2012 edition and it's packed with great stories.

We have a great "Who is PAPS?" entry with João Barata's career path explained, a look into Bernardo Nascimento's award winning filmmaking career path, and toward the end of the newsletter, a brief overview of Francisco Feijó Delgado's recently published research.
We've also filled you in on some information regarding the Forum, the new PAPS Ignite Sessions and the second instalment of the PAPS-LBC award.

On a side note: we have a special newsletter edition planned soon which we think you will all enjoy. We don't want to disclose much yet but it's going to put things into perspective! Stay tuned...

Once again, if you would like to participate in the newsletter with a story, news, jobs for the job board or anything else, please feel free to get in touch by email at newsletter@papsonline.org

With our kindest regards,
2011-2012 PAPS Executive Committee

PAPS Newsletter 63 - January 2012