The Portuguese-American Post-graduate Society is an independent, non-profit organization, with no political affiliations. Its objectives are to stimulate the development of strong relationships between the Portuguese postgraduate community living in North America and the American society while, simultaneously, promoting their home country. Welcome!
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on Tuesday, 22/10/2013 —

On Monday, the October 21st, PAPS-DC met with NOPA (the National Organization of Portuguese-Americans) for a happy hour where, perhaps for the first time, English was more widely spoken than Portuguese. Conversations flew as usual, though, and pretty soon everyone was entangled in discussions on the most varied topics. Mission accomplished!

PAPS Boston - "Back to School" dinner
on Thursday, 10/10/2013 —

This past Friday, October 4, PAPS Boston organized a dinner in order to welcome all new and current members to a new school year!

Dinner took place at the already well-known Faialense Sport Club and was attended by about 50 people between PAPS members and their friends. With good homemade food - the “Bacalhau à Braz” was particularly good - and plenty of great conversation, the evening ended with a few members in a fun and competitive foosball match.

After the success of this gathering we can’t wait to do it again. Preparations for a new meeting are already underway... stay tuned!

[PAPS-DC] Rentrée 2013-2014
on Sunday, 08/09/2013 —


No último domingo, dia 8 de Setembro, o núcleo da PAPS de Washington, DC, celebrou o regresso à actividade após o Verão com um brunch que reuniu os habituais membros e amigos da PAPS, bem como algumas caras novas. A tarde ficou completa com um passeio pelo mercado de rua instalado por ocasião do Adams Morgan day, neste que é um dos mais pitorescos bairros do distrito.

The Fourteenth Annual 2013 PAPS Forum
on Friday, 19/07/2013 —

PAPS Forum 2013

During the weekend of May 10th, the Portuguese-American Post-graduate Society hosted its fourteenth annual forum. The theme was Raising Portugal to new heights, and its location was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Tang Center. 

Just over fifty members from PAPS and the Luso-American community attended to learn from an array of speakers and workshop conductors such as the Portuguese ambassador to the United States Nuno Brito, associate professor of finance at Duke University Manuel Adelino, Portuguese Consul General Paulo Cunha Alves and former Portuguese Minister of Education Eduardo Marçal Grilo. The forum ranged over three days and brought together members from at least seven chapters. 

The weekend kicked off with an informal networking session on Friday night follow by dinner at Atasca- a Portuguese restaurant located in the heart of Kendal Square. Saturday was divided into three sessions (the economy, entrepreneurship and science) with four to eight speakers each. 

A number of young entrepreneurs showcased their start-ups during the entrepreneurship session. Amongst them were Joaquim Valente, CEO of sports-focused social network Playnify and Alexandre Oliveira, founder of Storytree- a media start-up focused on the Portuguese-American perspective in politics. Tony Lafuente, a seasoned entrepreneur, spoke about his journey into the flag-making business. He encouraged the audience to consider being a business owner and expressed hope of seeing female entrepreneurs in the next forum. 

In between the second and third session were workshops given by a number of groups and individuals. Among them were Lauren Celano, CEO of the Propel Careers who gave a career coaching session and Ricardo Mesquita of Beta-i, Portugal's first start-up incubator, on starting your own business. Says PAPS member Alexandra Bettencourt of the Ms. Celano's workshop, "[it] was really informative and [gave me] a fresh perspective on my resume and how to market myself". 

On the last day, PAPS members met for the annual General Assembly to review the organization activities and finances of the past year. This was followed by a relaxing tour of Boston's famous Freedom Trail led by Boston Chapter co-leader Ângela Crespo. 

So what can the forum tell us about raising Portugal to new heights? Any discussion on a country's economic potential can not be a serious one without recognizing standing obstacles. Manuel Adelino emphasized the need for nurturing innovation within its borders.

With the rise of higher education in the sciences and engineering, there is no doubt this generation has the tools to drive value-added growth. The question remains whether current government institutions will expand the framework necessary for a thriving economy. 

PAPS, being a nonprofit entity without political affiliations cannot nor will not attempt to answer it. What we can say with confidence, however, is the rich human capital present in our community gives hope for the needed innovation to occur in whatever form it will arrive.

PAPS at the Day of Portugal Parade - Boston Portuguese Festival
on Thursday, 18/07/2013 —

June 23rd was the closing day of the Boston Portuguese Festival. 2 months of events culminated in a big and colorful parade through the streets of Somerville and Cambridge - all Portuguese-American associations of Massachusetts were present, and PAPS was not exception! For the first time, PAPS was represented at the parade. The streets were full of people cheering, wearing the Portuguese Flag colors. The parade ended at Saint Anthony's Church, with a goodbye speech from the Consul Paulo Cunha Alves and with the Banda Filarmónica de Santo António playing the Portuguese and the American National anthems. And to end the day the best way possible, a big block party happened at the churchyard, with shows from the Folk dance groups of Massachusetts and a concert by Portuguese-American artist Nélia, with the traditional "bailarico" following. There was also Portuguese food and Cape Verdian beer brewed by a Dorchester brewery. It was a fun day and we can't wait for the 2014 Boston Portuguese Festival!

[PAPS-DC] Encontro com Jornalistas Portugueses
on Wednesday, 17/07/2013 —

[PAPS-DC] Encontro com Jornalistas Portugueses

Da esquerda para a direita / From left to right: Paulo S. Lopes, Paulo Farinha, Maria João Gago, Rui Duarte, João Abreu, Sara Pina, Andreia Azevedo Soares, Raúl G. Saraiva, Cláudia Pereira, Carolina Ferreira, Constantino Xavier, Michel Santos, Sílvia Mestrinho, Sofia Gameiro, Ricardo Marques, Marco DeSousa, Nelo Lima.


Na passada sexta, dia 12 de Julho, o núcleo da PAPS de Washington, DC, reuniu pela primeira vez desde a mudança de liderança. Além dos habituais membros e amigos da PAPS, recebemos como convidados 10 jornalistas portugueses temporariamente na região ao abrigo do programa José Rodrigues Miguéis, promovido pela FLAD. Foi assim possível trocar impressões com membros das equipas do Jornal de Negócios, Expresso, SIC, Notícias Magazine, Jornal de Letras, Público, Vitrimedia, Euronews e RTP.

PAPS at the 8th Annual Whaleboat Regatta on the Charles River - Boston Portuguese Festival
on Tuesday, 04/06/2013 —

May and June are rich in Portuguese events in Boston! The Boston Portuguese Festival takes place every year and celebrates the Portuguese Community in Massachusetts. Among other events, we had the XIV PAPS Forum on May 11th (you can read more about it in the next newsletter), we'll have the Day of Portugal Parade on June 23rd and the 8th Annual Whaleboat Regatta on the Charles River last Sunday, June 2nd. To learn more about the BPF, visit http://www.bostonportuguesefestival.org/.

PAPS was represented in the Regatta by 2 teams formed by the newly arrived students of the Lisbon MBA (a program organized in partnership with Universidade Católica, Universidade Nova de Lisboa and MIT) and also by 2 Boston PAPS members, Joana Caiado and Joana Soares, who integrated a MIT team. It was a great event that gathered not only the Portuguese community but also American participants! You can find more photos of the event here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151455610043016.1073741835.299520043015&type=1

We are looking forward to the next events and we hope to see many PAPS members there!


Photo by Rodney Soares


PAPS Toronto: convívio
on Thursday, 30/05/2013 —

O Chapter de Toronto reuniu-se no último Domingo, 26 de Maio, no costumeiro restaurante português, para se despedir do líder cessante (Nuno Barbosa Morais, que se muda para Lisboa) e dar as boas-vindas ao novo líder (Ricardo Vidal). Voltámos a bater o record histórico do número de convivas!

PAPS Toronto convívio 26 Maio 2013

Member of PAPS Toronto honoured as UofT Inventor of the Year
on Wednesday, 29/05/2013 —

Ricardo Jota, an active member of the Toronto Chapter of PAPS, has been honoured as an University of Toronto Inventor of the Year.

The full story is here. Congratulations Jota!

Forum news
on Wednesday, 08/05/2013 —

New Information about PARKING @ MIT for PAPS Forum Event!

Parking is open to the public at weekends at 21 Hayward Street.

http://en.parkopedia.com/ parking/lot/mit_hayward_street_lot/02142/cambridge/