The Portuguese-American Post-graduate Society is an independent, non-profit organization, with no political affiliations. Its objectives are to stimulate the development of strong relationships between the Portuguese postgraduate community living in North America and the American society while, simultaneously, promoting their home country. Welcome!
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Newsletter - September 2012
on Tuesday, 09/10/2012 — João Ricardo Santos

Dear PAPS members,

The September edition of the Portuguese-American Post-Graduate Society Newsletter is out! Please apologize for the delay on releasing this issue but we think it was well worth as we are implementing some changes in its sections!

This month you will find an interview with Alexandre Oliveira, an alumni PAPS member, as well as a new section called "Members' Dashboard".

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and we are eager to get suggestions and contributions from YOU, especially for the new "Members' Dashboard" section. Just contact us at newsletter@papsonline.org.

You can read the newsletter by clicking here: NEWSLETTER September 2012.


Best regards,


NEWSFEED: Nova parceria PAPS: Interessado em escrever um artigo de opinião sobre as eleicões americanas?
on Sunday, 30/09/2012 —

Em parceria com a PAPS, o jornalista freelance Alexandre Soares, residente em NY, ira lancar um novo projeto online, no qual a politica americana sera analisada por portugueses residentes nos EUA. 

O site chamar-se-á "América 2012" e terá um formato e endereço muito semelhante a este: http://legislativas.sapo.pt/2011/. Sera um site autonomo dentro do portal sapo.pt, e conta com o apoio editorial do mesmo.

O objectivo do site é conter textos curtos com participações pessoais, contando alguma história relacionada com a política americana, ou impressões sobre as diferenças entre a política em Portugal e nos EUA. Os textos dos membros da PAPS serão publicados uma vez por semana numa secção chamada Opinião, e dividirão o espaço com políticos luso-americanos, representantes diplomáticos de Portugal, empresários ou politólogos. 

Caso queiras participar com a sua opiniao, envia-nos um email para paps@papsonline.org


We Run/Walk LA
on Thursday, 20/09/2012 —

The PAPS-LA chapter is organizing weekly running circuits throughout LA.

This is not about distance or speed. It's about time - you go out at ANY speed YOU want for 45 minutes, then you turn around and come back. This way everyone usually finishes at about the same time no matter what pace. So, no need to worry about how "fast" or "slow" you are (or think you are).

Stretch and warm up start at 7pm every Wednesday. Please bring a watch so you can turn back at the designated time and lights for low visibility areas. Afterwards, we will meet up for a deserved drink.


Everyone, either member or not, is invited to come!!


Newsletter - August 2012
on Friday, 07/09/2012 — João Ricardo Santos

Dear PAPS members,

The new edition of the Newsletter for August is out.

This month you will find an interview with Leonor Beleza, the president of the Champalimaud Foudation. In the section "Who is PAPS?" we are featuring Ana Veríssimo, a current Post Doctoral fellow at CIBIO in Portugal.

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter!

You can read it by clicking here: NEWSLETTER August 2012

All the best,


PAPS Toronto: Convívio e Facebook
on Saturday, 25/08/2012 —

No último 11 de Agosto, o núcleo de Toronto reuniu-se num restaurante português para um almoço-convívio que contou com caras novas.

Convívio PAPS Toronto, 11 de Agosto

Na tertúlia foram discutidas formas de melhorar a interacção entre a PAPS e diversas entidades portuguesas locais, de tornar a PAPS mais acessível a recém-chegados e de integrar colegas a viver em zonas do Canadá onde o número de pós-graduados portugueses é mínimo e a PAPS não tem representação.

Foi também aprovada a criação de um grupo no Facebook, entretanto já activo ("PAPS Toronto").

Beach Get Together in LA!
on Tuesday, 21/08/2012 —


On August 18th, the PAPS-LA got together for a beach day out at Playa/Marina Del Rey.

We are happy to share with you that 21 people joined the event, 13 of which were portuguese and 7 PAPS members. 

We have started off doing kayaking at Marina Del Rey and soon moved to the beach where we had a rich "patiscada" with the essential "Rissóis" and cold beers in the menu. To digest the meal we took it to the field for a volleyball game. 

This was a great opportunity not only for the members to hang out but also to introduce the PAPS community to the portuguese recently arrived to LA. 

We all welcome you!!


Newsletter - February 2012
on Tuesday, 13/03/2012 — Ricardo Vidal

Dear PAPS Newsletter subscriber,

Things are warming up. No, we're not talking about the early arrival of spring-like weather. It's the XIII PAPS Forum!The 2011-2012 PAPS Executive committee is proud to let you all know that we have just released the preliminary program to the upcoming XIII PAPS Forum that will take place at University of Toronto, Canada on April 14th and 15th.

Yes, in this edition of the PAPS Newsletter, we have included information about the Forum but there is plenty more interesting stories. This month we have our very own Vice-President, Silvia Santos from Stanford University giving us a tour of her travels through five different countries.We have the usual job board with plenty of interesting opportunities and we finish off this month's issue with a great spotlight focusing on Rita Reis' career path with special attention to her recent successful projects in Pittsburgh.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the PAPS newsletter and would like to let you know that we're preparing a special edition newsletter for next month, just before the PAPS Forum. It's going to be a trip...

Once again, please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, etc.Catch us via email at paps@papsonline.org or on Facebook and Twitter (links in the newsletter!)

Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto!

With our kindest regards,
2011-2012 PAPS Executive Committee

PS: Did we mention that registration for the Forum is open? Well, it is. http://www.papsonline.org/forum2012

PAPS Newsletter 64 - February 2012

Newsletter - January 2012
on Friday, 17/02/2012 — Ricardo Vidal

Dear PAPS Newsletter subscriber,

It has been a very busy start to the new year. The PAPS Executive Committee is actively working in preparation for the upcoming XIII PAPS Forum, which will be taking place at the University of Toronto, in Toronto, Canada on the 14th and 15th of April.

While we finish up work closing the program, preparing the website and the other multitude of tasks related to the Forum, we fell a bit behind track with the newsletter schedule. However, here is our January 2012 edition and it's packed with great stories.

We have a great "Who is PAPS?" entry with João Barata's career path explained, a look into Bernardo Nascimento's award winning filmmaking career path, and toward the end of the newsletter, a brief overview of Francisco Feijó Delgado's recently published research.
We've also filled you in on some information regarding the Forum, the new PAPS Ignite Sessions and the second instalment of the PAPS-LBC award.

On a side note: we have a special newsletter edition planned soon which we think you will all enjoy. We don't want to disclose much yet but it's going to put things into perspective! Stay tuned...

Once again, if you would like to participate in the newsletter with a story, news, jobs for the job board or anything else, please feel free to get in touch by email at newsletter@papsonline.org

With our kindest regards,
2011-2012 PAPS Executive Committee

PAPS Newsletter 63 - January 2012

Newsletter - December 2011
on Friday, 13/01/2012 — Ricardo Vidal

Dear PAPS Newsletter subscriber,

The last newsletter of 2011 is finally ready. The holiday travels and goodies made things fall a bit off track but it's here.

In this December 2011 edition, we learn about Carla Guimarães' impressive career path, look into Filipe Ribeiro's interesting projects and keep up with the environmentally related research that João Canning Clode has recently published. Along with the usual short news and events section and jobs board, we bring you some preliminary information about the upcoming XIII PAPS Forum that will be taking place in Toronto, Canada on April 14 and 15th. Save the dates!

We hope you enjoy this edition and feel free to get in touch with your ideas, suggestions, feedback and anything else you may want to contribute with.

We wish you a great start to 2012 and much success!

Best regards,
2011-2012 PAPS Executive Committee

PAPS Newsletter 61 - December 2011

Newsletter - November 2011
on Friday, 09/12/2011 — Ricardo Vidal

Dear PAPS Newsletter subscriber,

The November issue of the PAPS newsletter is ready for your reading!

This month's edition is packed with good stuff. We start if off with an interesting read about Bernardo Orr's multinational career path. Then, we move on to a feature story about Ricardo Pinho's work with the Night Outreach Program in Palo Alto, CA. Further along, we show you some photos from the PALCUS Gala (where we received a prestigious award: Outstanding Organization Leadership Award), our President Anibal Cavaco Silva speaking at the Gala and some familiar faces from the Washington, DC chapter.We finish off the newsletter with the usual short news and event mentions, our job board, and this month's PAPS Spotlight: Jorge Pinto Ferreira and his newly published research.

We're quite busy at work putting together some cool new things for our chapters. Keep an eye open for that. Oh, and just a small teaser toward the end of the newsletter. Save the (to be determined) date, eh?

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the read. Safe travels during the holidays!

Finally, if you want to participate in our newsletter in any way, please feel free to get in touch. Drop us a line at newsletter@papsonline.org and we'll get things moving from there.

With best regards,
2011-2012 PAPS Executive Committee

PAPS Newsletter 61 - November 2011