The Portuguese-American Post-graduate Society is an independent, non-profit organization, with no political affiliations. Its objectives are to stimulate the development of strong relationships between the Portuguese postgraduate community living in North America and the American society while, simultaneously, promoting their home country. Welcome!
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Newsletter - October 2011
on Thursday, 10/11/2011 — Ricardo Vidal

Dear PAPS Newsletter subscriber,

We've just completed the latest edition of our monthly newsletter. In this 60th edition you'll read about Elsa Abreu's career path, we provide you with the usual job offers and short news snippets and finally we end off with Luis Pedro Coelho's great Siebel Scholar award in this month's PAPS Spotlight.

We hope you enjoy this instalment of our newsletter. If you'd like to participate with stories, articles, interviews or other content that the PAPS members may find to be interesting, please feel free to email us at newsletter@papsonline.org

With best regards,
2011-2012 PAPS Executive Committee

PAPS Newsletter 60 - October 2011

Newsletter - September 2011
on Wednesday, 05/10/2011 — Ricardo Vidal

Dear PAPS Newsletter subscriber,

The 59th edition of our monthly newsletter is here. This month's issue has some great content that includes Sofia Fertuzinhos' career path toward neurobiology, an interview with a couple that moved back to Portugal to start up an interesting biotech company, some useful information regarding financial support, and more.

If you would like to contribute to the newsletter with a personal profile, an interesting story or just keep us informed about your latest accomplishments, feel free to get in touch at newsletter@papsonline.org

Ongoing stories and news will be posted on our website and social network channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Best regards,
2011-2012 PAPS Executive Committee

PAPS Newsletter 59 - September 2011

Newsletter - August 2011
on Saturday, 03/09/2011 — Ricardo Vidal

Dear PAPS newsletter subscriber,

The August Newsletter is here! In this month's edition we get to learn about Ricardo Roque's travels and career path in the "Who is PAPS?" section.
In the second edition of the "PAPS Spotlight", we feature Professor Paulo Ferreira's recently published book titled "Nanomaterials, nanotechnologies and design".
Finally, as usual, you'll find some short news snippets and our updated job board with plenty new job offerings.

We're always interested in learning what our PAPS community members are up to. Please contact us at newsletter@papsonline.org, we'd love to learn about your projects, achievements and goals.

Best regards,
2011-2012 PAPS Executive Committee

Newsletter 58 - August 2011

Newsletter - July 2011
on Monday, 08/08/2011 — Ricardo Vidal

Dear PAPS newsletter subscriber,

Our July Newsletter is ready and out the door. In this month’s edition you’ll read about Inês Pereira’s career path and recent graduation (congratulations!!) in our “Who is PAPS?” segment. You will also notice a new section we’re calling “PAPS Spotlight” where we will be showcasing exemplary work and achievements performed by PAPS members. As usual, you’ll find some short news articles, conferences mentions and also the latest list of job offerings.

If you’d like to participate in any of the sections of our monthly newsletter, feel free to contact us at newsletter@papsonline.org

We hope you are all enjoying a pleasant summer.

2011-2012 PAPS Executive Committee

Newsletter 57 - July 2011

Newsletter - June 2011
on Friday, 15/07/2011 — Ricardo Vidal


Dear PAPS newsletter subscriber,
The last couple of months have been quite busy and this newsletter has fallen a bit behind schedule. We apologize for the delay. Traveling, qualifying exams, PhD defenses and other things got in our way, but we've regrouped and the good news is that things should be back on track as of next month's edition.
In this edition of the PAPS newsletter, you'll learn about Pedro Beltrão's career path so far, get to know about some great initiatives in Portugal such as the “Ciencia Portugal” movement and Beta-Start, and see some of your colleagues graduation photos too!
We hope you enjoy this issue of our newsletter. We'll be back in a couple weeks!
2011-2012 PAPS Executive Committee

Newsletter - May 2011
on Friday, 10/06/2011 — Ricardo Vidal

Dear PAPS Newsletter subscriber,

The May edition of the PAPS Newsletter is finally here -- is it June already!?

Since this is the first instalment of the 2011-2012 PAPS Executive Committee, we’ve decided to present ourselves in short, easy to read, Twitter-style bios. However, given that there is only so much you can learn from 140 characters, we will introduce ourselves in more detail in the upcoming newsletters. In the current one you can find out more about our treasurer, Joana Girante, namely her professional path and connection to Sesame Street.

As in previous newsletters, you’ll also find updated job board listings along with interesting opportunities and news.

The 2011-2012 PAPS Executive Committee

PS: We’ll be back to regularly scheduled newsletter releases from here on out.

Newsletter 55 - May 2011 (PDF)

Newsletter - February 2011
on Monday, 28/02/2011 — Rogerio Candeias

Dear Newsletter Subscriber,

As February draws to a close, here is PAPS Newsletter! This month you can read about the newborn PAPS-LBC Leadership Award and its nomination procedure, as well as news about the XII PAPS Forum in New York City. There will be an exciting and vibrant group of speakers so, if you have not done it yet, please register as soon as possible!

In the section "Who is PAPS?" we are featuring Alexandre Alves Neves, a Post Doctoral fellow in Seattle, WA. Multiple career opportunities and other news are also featured.

All the best,


Newsletter 52 - February 2011 (PDF)

Newsletter - January 2011
on Saturday, 29/01/2011 — Rogerio Candeias

Dear Newsletter Subscriber:

One of your New Year's resolutions might have been: receive and read less e-mails and newsletters!
Our suggestion: all the newsletters might be under consideration...except the PAPS one:-)!

Just check what you can find in this issue:
- a thought provoking and inspirational text written by Teresa Felicio, a veterinarian, former visiting fellow at Cornell, now working at the European Food Safety Agency
- Seattle chapter last event description
- several job offers
- and multiple other interesting opportunities and news!

ABOVE ALL: save the date April 16 and 17 - we want to see you in NYC for the XII PAPS Forum!

PAPS team

Newsletter 51 - January 2011 (PDF)

Newsletter - December 2010
on Friday, 31/12/2010 — Rogerio Candeias

Dear PAPS Newsletter Subscriber,

When flying back and forth from Portugal and the US you probably found yourself thinking: "Gosh, this ocean IS big! Brave people those that have crossed it by boat!" If this is the case… we have some exciting news for you! In our newsletter this month, you can read the fascinating feature story by Ricardo Diniz, a Portuguese sailor and entrepreneur.

On the other hand, you might be thinking: "Nah… I am not into sailing. What I really like is music." Guess what? It is Christmas time so all your wishes come true! You can't miss the opportunity to get to know David Cruz, a Portuguese music graduate student in Boston.

PAPS chapters activities and the Job Board are also featured, so please take a few moments to check all of these out in the 50th issue of the PAPS Newsletter!

PAPS wishes you a wonderful 2011… Feliz Ano Novo!

Newsletter 50 - December 2010 (PDF)

Newsletter - November 2010
on Tuesday, 30/11/2010 — Rogerio Candeias

Dear PAPS member,

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Please follow the link to read November's Newsletter, where you will get to meet Cátia Ornelas, find out about the events that some PAPS Chapters organized, and read a great essay about the gender gap in Portugal by Michael Baum. Also, we are featuring some PAPS members that were in the News this month. Enjoy!

All the best,
the PAPS Newsletter Editors.

Newsletter49 - November 2010 (PDF)